Monday, November 06, 2006

More brevity: Pride and Presidents

Following the wild success of yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to continue writing six-word blog articles. Now that I’ve wallowed in the adulation of my fanatical fans, I want more – and if brevity is what it takes to make all three of them happy, then brief I shall be.

Here, then, is today’s miniature masterpiece:

Katzav at home; not getting any.

Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

And yet…

In these troubled times, I think we need to draw encouragement from whatever sources are available, no matter how unpromising they may at first appear; and the situation of Israel’s President Moshe Katzav – accused of multiple sexual crimes – is looking just about as unpromising as you can get. Such a depressing story can only be heartening to those of us with an appropriately contrarian spirit.

Israel, as you’ll no doubt be aware, is currently embroiled in a raging controversy: Will this Friday’s Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem be allowed to proceed? If so, will the Haredim (a.k.a. the “Ultra-Orthodox”) attack the marchers? Seldom in the last several weeks of Israel’s history have tensions run so high. Earthquakes and tsunamis – real ones, not the metaphorical kind – have been threatened. Our nation cries out for moral leadership.

What a relief, then, to read that President Katzav – whose job consists largely of embodying the Israeli national consensus, whenever such a thing exists, which is mostly at funerals – has taken a firm position on issues of sexual preference. According to the Jerusalem Post article cited above, our President’s attitude is clear: “What is certain, however, is that if Katsav has to go down, it won't be without a fight.”

That’s the spirit, Mister President. It’s nice to know that whatever you’ve been accused of, you’re a man who stands up for his principles.

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At Tue Nov 07, 06:55:00 PM GMT+2, Blogger cube said...

Hmmm, very long blog title, yet very brief blog posts...

Very juxtaposed content yet strangely amusing.

At Tue Nov 07, 06:56:00 PM GMT+2, Blogger cube said...

Don't change the cool cat header.


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