Monday, February 20, 2006

BlogPlugs: Vive Lisa! Vive Norman!

Lisa Goldman of On the Face has been entirely too quiet lately. So I was very glad to see some new posts from her at last – especially this one, with, for some reason, a French title. (Ah. A quick Google search informs me that “Trois Couleurs” is a famous trilogy of films directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. I suppose I should rent and view the films, then re-read Lisa’s post – since thinking you know anything about a movie just because you read a review of it is a sure sign that you are that most despised creature – the pseud.) As usual – and I would hate ever to start taking her for granted! – Lisa paints vivid pictures of people and situations, leaving us the richer for having read them. I won’t give away more than that; just go read her article, and tell her I sent you.

Speaking of pseuds, Norman Geras – no pseud he! – has outed one in his analysis of a Guardian op-ed by one Paul Oestreicher. I reserve my right to comment and expand on the points Norman raises; but for now, I’ll just point you his way.


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