Friday, October 28, 2005

“Fear and loathing in the Middle East” - by Lisa Goldman

I’m not the only blogger who took some time off for the Holidays. Lisa Goldman, the author of On the Face, has returned in style, with this excellent post. I’m not sure I’d feel as safe as she does traveling into Ramallah or the Gaza Strip (and, considering that Lisa does take such trips every so often, I hope she’s right and I’m wrong); but she has some worthwhile (and true!) things to say about the extent to which Israeli-Palestinian cooperation goes on, beneath the radar of both sides’ news media. On another note: “On the Contrary” has finally been accepted to the Jewish Bloggers Ring (the administrator of which, I suspect, was on vacation for the holidays); so the relevant links (just below “Archives” on the sidebar) actually do something now. Happy clicking!


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